Create Loyalty or Gift Programs Over a Single Cup of Coffee!


Give your Customers a Safe and Easy method to Join Loyalty Programs or Buy Gift Cards.  Build Demographic profiles, Target specific customer groups with Promotions and reach out to the entire Cardlis Community!





Retail, Restaurants, Liquor Store, Sporting Goods, Beauty Shop, Events, Seasonal, Farmers Market, Grocery, Arts & Theater, Service, Health & Fitness, Automotive…

The Opportunities in the Cardlis Community are Endless!

Customers Already Have Too Many Cards

Offering Customer Convenience is KEY

Most Paper and Plastic Cards are Lost or Forgotten…
What A Waste!

People Look at Their Phones 200+ Times a Day!

Increase Your Revenue With Cardlis

– Successful Loyalty Programs can Skyrocket Profit by over 95%. This can be done by lowering customer churn by as little a 5%!

– Loyal Customers are 2 times likelier to visit your store and will spend 4 times as much

– Gift cards are overspent by over 33% on Average resulting from No Expiry Dates!

  • Breakage (Lost cards) is only 1.6% Nationally!
  • Get your Gift Card Customers, Family and Friends into Your Store!

– Cardlis can increase ROI by more the 250%

-Compare Expenses of Pennies/Year over Standard Loyalty & Gift Cards Exceeding $1 Each!

INTRODUCING ''CARDLIS CASH''Rewarding Local Customers Has Never Been So Easy!

All Points Loyal customers earn while shopping at ANY Cardlis Location are also converted to a ”Cardlis Cash” balance.  Once $5.00 is reached, A customer can place the ”Cardlis Cash” against ANY Purchase of a Gift Card on Cardlis! Give Customers Another Reason To Shop Local!

Great Businesses Reward Loyal Customers, Making Strong Communities That Are Supported By Local Shopping!

  • Question – How do I Get Involved with Cardlis Cash?
    • If you Offer a Loyalty Card on Cardlis then you are supporting Cardlis Cash & Additional Incentives for Customers to Shop Local!
  • Setup a Gift Card for sale on Cardlis! Now Local shoppers can Spend Cardlis Cash in Your Store!
  • Cardlis Cash matches points from ANY point program 1:1 & rewards 20 points for a”unit” program point.
  • Cardlis Cash is automatically calculated for customers and shown as a $ value on the Customer Home Screen
  • $1.00 Cash Credit is given for every 1500 Points earned at Local Cardlis Stores
  • Gift Cards Purchased are paid by Customer & Cardlis.  Cardlis Cash balances used during a purchase are settled by Cardlis and deposited in Your Bank Account by Stripe Payments at the same time the Customer Purchase is Processed, meaning that it DOES NOT COST THE BUSINESS ANYTHING EXTRA!

Become Highly Efficient

– Cardlis Virtually Eliminates Customer Account Creations and lengthy labour requirements to do so, Customer Data is automatically Updated! No more customer account mismatches!

– Manual Point of Sale “Customer Searches” that often result in Mismatched/Missing Clients are no longer an issue! Simply Scan a Customers Secured Digital or PDF code.
– No more “Stolen” Points, No more Balance Discrepancies!

– Enables your Customers to view Loyalty Points or Card Balances on Their own terms

– Stop Purchasing High Cost Plastic Cards to hold on Inventory and no more time wasted Creating Manual Certificates

Cardlis Integrates Seamlessly with ANY Point of Sale Provider to work with your current software!

Cardlis Merchant APP makes Customer Processing a Breeze AND ITS FREE!

Nothing Is Out Of Reach

– Cardlis Merchant Platform Offers an intuitive dashboard that gives you Demographic and program information

– Our evolving Customer Engagement tools give strategic owners the ability to Cardlis transaction information and combine customer demographics for functional Small Business reporting and Customer reach! AVAILABLE WINTER 2017

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Customer identification and engagement
  • Segment Search and targeted promotions

All Customers Can Participate!

  • Customers can create accounts Online or on a Cardlis Mobile APP
  • Digital Cards are scanned at POS or Cardlis Merchant APP from ANY Device.
  • If a Customer is without a smart phone they can Search, Join and Print PDF certificates that are securely linked to your Loyalty & Gift Programs.
  • All Transaction Histories are available online and on the Cardlis APP
  • When a Customer Registers, Joins a Loyalty Program or Buys a Gift Card they are automatically added to your POS and available for manual lookup at Checkout by POS or the Cardlis Merchant APP.

Strict Security

– We use a “Double” vetting/verification process to Ensure Your Customers are who they say they are.

  • Email and Text Verification for ALL Customer accounts
  • Plus Payment/Account Verification via Stripe Payments

– Cardlis meets and exceeds all required PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards required by our Payment Vendors.

  • Cardlis Applications Inc. (Cardlis Merchant APP) is a Certified Payment Application with Moneris Payment Solutions

1to1media.com, A consumer experience think tank suggests that 72% of Traditional (Carded/Paper) Loyalty & Gift programs are Victims of Fraud….    Cardlis will Ensure You Do Not Become Part Of That Victim Stat!

– User accounts are Securely Encrypted, All transactions pass through encrypted channels and All data is Encrypted on Microsoft Azure Servers.

– Cardlis has also gone Above and Beyond to Prove our Ethics and our Commitment to Merchants/Retailers, Customers and Point of Sale Partners by completing a Risk Assessment audited by Trustwave (www.trustwave.com).

Customer Facts

-71% of people suggest they would be more likely to join a Loyalty Program if offered in an APP

– 63% of consumers value a Loyalty Program because it saves them Money, 35% due to receiving a free product

– 82.4% of customers shop at a store because they can collect points!