How does Cardlis Work?

Point of Sale Integration

-Cardlis works closely with your Point of Sale (Till) Provider and/or Software provider to implement a Secure Application Program Interface (API) with your POS.

-API’s are a simple “Handshake” that allows specified information sharing. Cardlis uses API’s to send Customer Account information, New Customer Accounts and New Card or Sale data generated on the Cardlis APP directly to your In-Store Database.  So you always know your customers!

– API’s are also used for Cardlis to ask for a Customer Account to generate an In-APP card.  This card is then scanned at Checkout (for a sale) or scanned at Entry for a Membership type connection.  No Manual Account Lookups, No Frustrations and Most Importantly…. HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

-Customers always know their Account Balances and Transaction Histories, Plus they can view Promotions you provide over the APP!


Cardlis Merchant APP

– Use your current Apple or Android mobile phone to Scan a Customer phone or Certificate

-Enter the $ Amount of a Sale and Cardlis will take care of the rest with the Parameters you supplied in the Merchant Platform! Any Points will be automatically Added or Subtracted and a full sale history will be added to the Platform for your viewing and Includes Tax Totals and Points Balances per transaction

-Cardlis is a Certified Moneris Mobile Payment Provider! This means that you can create an Account with Moneris and receive their Bluetooth Payment Pad to accept Credit and Debit Payments from the Cardlis Merchant APP!

COMMUNITY CASHGreat Businesses Reward Loyal Customers, Making Strong Communities That Are Supported By Local Shopping!

  • Question – How do I Get Involved with Community Cash?
    • If you Offer a Loyalty Card on Cardlis then you are supporting Community Cash & Additional Incentives for Customers to Shop Local!
  • Setup a Gift Card for sale on Cardlis! Now Local shoppers can Spend Community Cash in Your Store!
  • Community Cash matches points from ANY point program 1:1 & rewards 20 points for a”unit” program point.
  • Community Cash is automatically calculated for customers and shown as a $ value on the Customer Home Screen
  • $1.00 Cash Credit is given for every 1250 Points earned at Local Cardlis Stores
  • Gift Cards Purchased using Community Cash are paid by Customer & Cardlis.  Community Cash balances used during a purchase are settled by Cardlis and deposited in Your Bank Account with the Customer Payment. The best part is Community Cash does not cost you anything! It actually Saves you Money on selling digital gift cards by Lowering Processing Fees!

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR FREE TIME?Customer Onboarding and Verification is Automatic and Instantaneous

Merchant Platform

The Cardlis Merchant Platform allows Merchants to securely Create and Manage Loyalty Cards and Programs, Gift Cards and Promotions launched on the Cardlis APP.

Cardlis Allows for manual printouts of Secured Cards right from the Platform! So any Customers that do not have a mobile device can receive a Certificate right from you.  The certificates are a “0” balance until activated by your Till or on the Merchant APP.  Best Part is they are always tracked so multiples (Fraud copies) are never overspent and the Cards are Guaranteed by Cardlis!

Need Economical Hardware? We Have it!Cardlis Offers Quality Tablets and Security Kiosks WITH NO CONTRACTS!

*Visit Cardlis Pricing for information on integrating custom payment options with your Merchant App Account.