Cardlis Applications Inc. Terms, Conditions and Rules Corresponding with ANY Cardlis Sponsored/Endorsed Contest, Sweepstake or Giveaway.

  • No purchase necessary to enter the giveaway
  • The product/service given away will be outlined in the individual contest post on social media, Cardlis approved Merchant website or Cardlis Community Blog.
  • The number of winners is outlined on the individual post/notification and will not be manipulated.  Winners will be selected at random.
  • Products and Services are provided As Is and have no cash value.  Products/services with multiple sizing or model options may request an exchange given there is no Value Increase to the product requested.  There is no guarantee a product or service may be exchanged from what is offered in the Contest, Sweepstake or Giveaway Listing but inquiries may be made once a winner is chosen.
  • Chances of winning is subject to the number of entries submitted and inquiries to entry totals is welcome
  • The drawing date is outlined on the Original contest description
  • Only one entry is allowed per person, multiple entries may result in disqualification
  • You agree entries completed on any Social Media Platform release the platform of any promotion, connection, endorsement, association or administration relating to the contest
  • Entry is limited to persons over the age of 18.  Any engagement by persons under 18 are assumed to have guidance from a parent/guardian.  Any products or service deemed to be served to ages over 18 may require proof of age prior to disbursement
  • The winner will be contacted by any combination of email, social media profile messages or direct contact by phone within 5 days of closing/draw date listed on the contest page.  The winner will have 14 days to reply. Failure to reply or acknowledge a winning message will result in the selection of another winner at random.
  • The winner may be required to sign up for a Cardlis account to claim digital certificates administered on the Cardlis Platform.

Cardlis and All Cardlis Merchants wish you GOOD LUCK!