Gift Programs are an Essential Small Business Marketing Strategy

Why Gift Programs are an Essential Marketing Strategy for Small Business
Cardlis Applications Inc.

All business owners are familiar with Advertising, Direct Mail, coupons…  Sure, there are many ways to get your customers’ attention, But what will ultimately motivate them to enter your store, purchase your products or services? Adding Gift Programs to your business marketing is a smart way to engage customers and is a great segue to Repeat Customers and Loyalty Programs . Here are 7 Reasons Gift Programs are Excellent for Small Business:

  1. Perceived Value of FREE.

Unlike coupons, a gift card makes consumers feel like they have instant money to spend. Plus, over half of consumers using a gift card will visit more than once to deplete their card, providing additional selling opportunities and positive interaction with customers.

  1. Don’t cut into your profits.

You can offer loyal customers Pre-paid gift cards or Buy One Get One (BOGO) purchases instead of coupons or other types of discounts, you’ll recoup your investment quickly – DID YOU KNOW; Close to 70% of Gift Card Users OVERSPEND Gift Cards by Nearly 40%  !?

  1. Generate revenue and Invest the Cash without Selling Any products.

When you sell a gift card, you get paid in advance of any products or services rendered. You keep the cash until the card is redeemed. Not many marketing strategies will immediately improve cash flow like gift cards do.

  1. Build brand awareness.

Gift cards are a cost-effective advertising vehicle, giving your business top-of-mind presence. They’re like a wallet-sized billboard reminding customers to visit you, and they cost a lot less than a life-size billboard.

  1. Extremely convenient.

The evolution of Gift cards has promised more convenience than other types of promotional vehicles. Plus, retailers who move from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards typically see a 50-100 percent sales increase from their gift offering. Recent moves to E-Certificates have skyrocketed Gift Program sales over 200% annually*.  Canadian company, Cardlis Applications Inc has made these transactions affordable for any small business by offering Online & Mobile Gift Card purchases but also ties digital loyalty into the mix! Both retailers and their customers can manage transactions with convenient Mobile APP’s.

  1. Additional promotional opportunities.

Some digital programs, like that of Cardlis, offer an expanded toolbox of promotional features including plastic to mobile gift card conversion, social media sharing, in-app promotions, merchant demographic services and more.

  1. Greater distribution for a Lesser Price

Gift cards have innately more promotional power than marketing strategies like advertisements, which have a limited lifespan. Cardlis is creating a buzz in local shopping networks and allows for customers to view Any Program at their convenience including remaining Gift and Loyalty Balances.  Promotional channels allow for product displays to many potential customers and shopper demographic data which was previously out of reach for small business is available starting at $15/month!

Bottom Line

Digital Gift Programs can offer huge increases in Small Business Revenue, Customer retention and Loyalty while maximizing labor inefficiencies. Most importantly, the right Digital Suite can strengthen the connection between your business and customers.


*Blackhawk Network, 2015