Give A Little, Gain A Lot & Grow Your Business!

Customer/Business Relationships Are More Then A Friendly Smile.

At a new launch in a very proud family owned cafe today, a customer/local business owner came in and said “I WOULD NEVER HAVE A “SHOP LOCAL” or “CUSTOMER REWARD” PROGRAM… IT SHOWS WEAKNESS IN YOUR BUSINESS. I DON’T WANT CUSTOMERS THAT I NEED TO INVEST IN… MY CUSTOMERS SUPPORT ME; NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.”


Not only has this person just caused a very negative scene, but she made it very clear that Local Support is Expected without any thought of giving thanks to her supporters…

The marketplace is changing and being Local is not what it used to mean.  A higher percentage of shoppers are following a trend of purchasing online at prices that continually seem to sink in a cutthroat game of “Who shows up on Google Search First”. Online shopping takes little effort by customers and purchases are showing up at your doorstep within days….


That “Real Door” has way more value then you think and businesses need to grasp a “Give A Little to Gain A Lot” focus on Marketing!  When someone comes into your store there is HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you and your employees to illustrate a personable side to your business, build & react to the emotions your customers are displaying while also using your “retail space” to up-sell another product that was never on the customers radar.  Having real people in your store means a higher percentage of happy customers the first time; without having to wait for shipment to decide if the color or sizing is correct.

Besides, you are paying wages to staff and rent to have a storefront; why not make the most use of its massive opportunity!  This realization has led the largest businesses in the market to spend a large amount of time, effort and money into a physical sale while driving customers into the store; And most recently, there has been a shift to monopolizing/combining rewards with other peer businesses to capitalize on Customer Reach.


1 ) What is your Current Margin Target; Do your customers make multiple purchases?

If you have 1000 sales at $10 each with a 10% profit margin, you would expect to make $1000.


1000 sales at $10 Each     $1,000
$10,000 * 2.5%              –       250
500 sales at $10 Each    +      500
                                         $ 1,250

By giving away 2.5% you actually increase your profit by $250 in a year! Did you know that Customers actually shop in stores 4X more if the store has a rewards program.  SO THIS BUSINESS COULD ACTUALLY EXPECT TO ALMOST DOUBLE PROFIT BY GIVING AWAY 2.5%!

2 )  How do you Fit in Among your Business Peers & How can you Leverage a Neighboring Customer Base?

Don’t be naive.  It does not matter how great any one business is, it will never have exclusive access to customers.  Price is the #1 driver for customer purchases among similar products & this is very necessary for a healthy marketplace…. So how can you keep customers coming back during a competitors sale?  Let’s consider a recent move by Canadian Tire.  The Canadian Home Supply Giant recently announced its “Triangle Rewards” program that is available at numerous locations outside Canadian Tire, and some of these locations also sell products that directly compete. WHY YOU ASK?
CUSTOMER SHARING!  Even the biggest retail locations feel the effect of customers “Jumping Ship” for other low prices.  If they offer rewards that “cross parking lots”; they can generate more profit opportunity and stop slashing prices!

If a Customer is Loyal to the competition but has the opportunity to earn Points/Value in your store; they will make a trip your way.  Add that to the fact that your business is Locally owned & you have a winning combination for success against the largest of national stores with a Locals Touch!



Today’s customers value a relationship that mutually gives and takes.  Don’t un-intentionally (in-advertently) turn clients away by feeling that your business and its status has something to prove.  After all, World class Franchises like Starbucks who thrived on the exclusivity and elite pricing for coffee have now introduced loyalty programs to help motivate the new aged customer… There is no “one size fits all” solution to any consumer rewards program BUT not showing your thanks and failing to target groups of shoppers that support you the most is a dangerous line to walk in a world of “Super Sales” that may be taking place half way around the country!

Local Reinvestment Incentives, Demographics, Promotions, Networking!

Small Business; Digital Loyalty and Gift programs For Locals, By Locals!

Customer Loyalty; Stop Giving “Punches”, Increase Revenue & Engagement!

Customer Loyalty;
Stop Giving “Punches”, Increase Revenue & Customer Engagement in Your Small Business!



Remember the punchcard?  I don’t think anyone does not know what a punch or stamp card is…  After all they have been used in Return Customer Marketing since the late 18th Century, meaning this consumer rewards concept is 150+ years old! Fact is; 72% of Consumers in the 21st Century admit they have a few of them tucked away in a forgotten jacket pocket or a dusty corner of a desk drawer — those never-redeemed relics from a clothing store, bakery, liquor store, long-closed sub shop or coffee house down the road from the office.

Why Didn’t They Work & Why Are They Lost In The Shuffle?

  • Well, first and foremost, they are analog (which is to say, they are made of paper, plastic or laminated cards).
  • Even more important, they aren’t intelligent. They offer the promise of reward to the customer without returning any intelligence back to the owner of the cafe, let alone the customer service staff at the headquarters of a national chain of restaurants.
    • Its simplicity is its downfall—you don’t collect any information about customers, or about complimentary purchases, barring any further marketing efforts based on what you learn.
  • Many Consumers feel its polite to take a card at the register; After all, the business owner is most likely taking your payment.
    • It relies on customers to bring a physical thing with them to the store—sometimes that’s a lot of responsibility for customers.
    • With ultimate frustration of never redeeming a product; Customers move on and take the Effort, Cost of Implementation and Potential increased revenue of the program with them.
    • This is not the Consumer’s problem BUT it is a Huge Detriment to small business.
    • BOTH IMAGES IN THE TITLE ARE COUNTERFEIT – Both have a hand written management number on the back & Both are audited by the business owner at months end…
      • The Simplicity of the programs have now cost these businesses Hundreds (maybe thousands..  who really knows?) of dollars in lost revenue and time to try stop the recurring issue.

Times Have Changed – Canadian/North American Consumer Stats Prove it!*

  • 85% of Customers join a Punch Card “under pressure” – 18% Actually Use the Card.
  • 82.4% of Customers will shop at a store because they offer “Usable or Accessible” reward Programs
  • 71% of Customers are more likely to join a Loyalty Program if it is Offered in an APP
  • 92.3% of Customers will Shop in Locations that offer rewards to Shop Locally
  • Points & Cash Back Rewards are 8x Likelier to be used then a Punch Card!

21st Century Point Of Sale Programs

Lucky for Small Business in the 21st Century, There is a large Assortment of Point of Sale Systems that allow for an electronic customer database and most often Point Rewards for Dollars Spent!  If you have a Computer, Time and Patience to manually create Customer Loyalty Accounts while accepting numerous errors resulting from manual input OR WORSE; customers that provide False/Outdated information causing extensive and frustrating customer lookup at your till…  DO YOUR CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY KNOW THE BENEFIT OR VALUE ACCUMULATED FOR SHOPPING IN YOUR STORE?

Even with updates in Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale Systems (POS); How do you Compete with the Large Box Stores that are Amalgamating and Partnering with each-other to further Monopolize their Market Share? How does your Small business offer Digital Loyalty & Gift Card Programs With Or Without a POS that also includes shopping incentives and Cash Back in a Large National Chain Network?



CARDLIS empowers Any Small Business with 21st Century Digital Loyalty & Gift Card Programs that are Securely accessed by Any Customer using the CARDLIS APP or Online!

  • Deliver Instant Gratification & Updates for Customer Purchases and Balance Increases
  • CARDLIS offers “COMMUNITY CASH” Incentives to give Consumers a Cash Back reward for Shopping Local!
    • Reward Loyal Customers and Cardlis Rewards Local Shoppers with Cash Discounts on Local Gift Cards.
  • Create Point Programs, Punch/Unit style rewards, Gift Cards or Pre-Paid programs!
  • Push Notifications offering In-Store Events and Deals to Current Customers
  • In-APP Promotions
  • Full Customer Demographic information. Automatically Updated when Customers Update their Profile!
  • POINT OF SALE INTEGRATIONS (POS) – Customers Securely Join Loyalty programs on their own time, POS Accounts are Automatically Created and Updated; Eliminating Missing or Incorrect Customers and Values
  • Manage Customer Accounts, Points & Transactions from Any iOS or Android Smartphone/Tablet
  • Print Secured/Coded Certificates. Activate Gift Cards or Enroll Loyalty Customers that may not have access to Technology.  CARDLIS saves Small Businesses Time/Money on Promotional coupons and Gift Certificates!


* Stats provided by First Data & Stats Canada


Loyalty Programs Are A MUST for Small Business!

The reason behind Customer Loyalty Programs are unique for every business BUT they all target the same goal: Repeat customers are rewarded and businesses increase sales. It’s a basic but powerful strategy.

For instance, My Starbucks Rewards, the coffee giant’s customer-retention program, significantly contributes to the company’s record growth.  Starbucks claims that the program played a key role in its 26 percent rise in profit and 11 percent jump in total revenue in 2015’s second quarter fiscal results.

Best Buy also turned to customer loyalty after experiencing stagnant revenue growth year after year in its brick-and-mortar stores. To keep up with major online retailers like and eBay, Best Buy increased reward points by 1% last year to motivate customers to keep coming back. This strategy along with additional changes has helped the company’s stock more than doubled since early last year.

Customer-loyalty programs appear to have become a staple for many large corporations. Whether the goal is to continually increase sales or to jump start sluggish revenue. But what about small businesses?  Manta’s business report “Achieving Big Customer Loyalty in a Small Business World” reveals that for early adopters who already have a customer loyalty program in placed, 64 percent of them report it’s been been effective, meaning it makes more money than costs to maintain it. It’s important for business owners to keep in mind that customer loyalty isn’t just for big businesses – programs can help any size business scale and reach new heights.

Here’s why customer loyalty programs matter to small business:

Repeat Customers Keep Giving. Having a customer-loyalty program could help you increase repeat customers, which, in turn could boost your business’s revenue. Based on the same report by Manta, a repeat customer spends 67 percent more on a given purchase than a new customer does. And they should be rewarded for this action, as retaining customers is less costly than acquiring new ones (9 Times Cheaper to be Exact!). By providing loyalty programs for current customers, small-business owners are not only saying thank you but are also motivating them to continue to be their brand ambassadors. They can easily spread the word about a business to their professional, personal and social networks, helping small-business owners increase their customer base even more.

Stand Above the Competition. It can be difficult for a small business to compete with a large brand considering that most large brands have more locations, resources, marketing dollars and the ability to offer lower prices. However, a good customer-loyalty program is an easy way for small businesses to show their personal side and remain competitive in spaces dominated by big business.

For example, many consumers may not love the coffee at a big-brand coffee chain but do love the fact they can earn points through their purchases and save money in the long run.  However, it would be very simple and cost effective for a small coffee-shop owner with quality coffee to do the same.

Customer Loyalty and Gift Programs don’t need to cost a fortune. Customer-loyalty programs don’t have to drain small businesses’ budget. While some corporations spill millions of dollars into loyalty programs, small businesses don’t have to follow the same tactic to achieve promising results. In today’s mobile era, cost-effective digital rewards programs are just as fruitful as the ones put in place by bigger players. Cardlis, a mobile APP which enables small businesses’ customers to earn points on their purchases by simply using their smartphones or printing secured certificates (from their accessible online accounts). In store efficiency is maximized with the removal of manual customer searches at checkout & Automatic customer account creation.  Gift Card sales are also available through Cardlis. You can also view all transactions in your Business Portal & use Cardlis on the road with their FREE Cardlis Merchant APP! Best of all, subscription price starts at as low as $15 per month. Small-business owners no longer have to waste time and money printing cards and buying ink and trying to fix a nightmare of improper customer account information when they are using Cardlis loyalty programs. More importantly, businesses are making it easier for their customers to keep using their service. Cheers to the end of Paper Punch Cards, Paper Certificates, Expensive Plastic Cards and yes….. Paper Cuts!

Use Peer Programs to Benefit Your Own. Sometimes “Another” loyalty card is that last thing new or existing customers want and finding a new method of engagement is tough.  Thankfully Cardlis also has this covered; Create promotions that are shown “In-APP” and are available to Every Customer Using Cardlis.

Collect Information. Loyalty Programs are a Great Tool to help you get to know your customer demographics and help you grow your business in its Target Market, Maybe you are in a market you never realized?

TIMES ARE CHANGING. It is IMPORTANT to consider the busy lifestyle of your customers.  Give them an easy and time efficient way to join programs, view points and/or gift card balances.  Without Easy…… Your Program Will Not Succeed How You Expect!

Customer-retention programs are not just for big brand name players. They can provide many benefits for small businesses, such as increasing sales, helping them stand out and developing a stronger relationship with their customers — and technology is making it easier and cheaper than ever before to launch one.