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Ready for the next level!

T.E.K is an exceptional Strength & Conditioning center that prides itself on Small Intimate Classes allowing them to focus all of their attention on providing clients with the very best instruction during training.  Local Owners/Trainers Kalib & Jade Recognize and Nurture the commitment’s and goals of Every Client while acknowledging the efforts required to begin these first steps in your journey to a happier, healthier life!

In Addition to offering Stand Out & Affordable classes to anyone new to fitness or professional athletes; T.E.K is Launching Loyalty Incentives to help you Reach your Goals!  Earn Points for Every Class Attended and Redeem as Cash Discounts for Pro-Shop items like Apparel or Supplements!

Don’t forget that every point given by T.E.K is also added to your Community Cash balance for Cardlis Gift Cards!

If you are a current Cardlis user, Simply search for T.E.K Rewards
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1637 29 Street North

Lethbridge, AB T14 5K4

Providing clients with guidance and knowledge, to achieve their goals in training and in life!!

Mocha Cabana Launches on Cardlis!

Cardlis is Proud to Welcome Mocha Cabana!

Mocha Cabana Bistro is situated in the heart of downtown Lethbridge. Mocha is Lethbridge’s original farm to table restaurant with a commitment to all things fresh & local. Mocha is the place to go to enjoy all the tastes of Southern Alberta making it a truly homegrown favourite!

Mocha Cabana not only boasts being located in the Historic Bell Welding Building constructed in 1930, but it has an Atmosphere and Patio “Second to None” in Downtown Lethbridge.  You owe it to yourself to get down to Mocha Cabana and Enjoy some of the Best that Local Has To Offer!

“Local Is What We Are All About”

Our Mission is to nourish and sustain our community.
We do this by partnering with independent farmers, producers, and businesses in and around our community.


If You are already a Cardlis User, You know what to do!  Select Cabana Points and “JOIN”!

New Program users can easily DOWNLOAD the Cardlis App from iTunes or Google Play
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– Find “Loyalty Cards” from your Menu and find the Shiny New Cabana Points Card! 

Voila! You are on your way to Amazing Local Food from Local Producers in an Environment that makes you feel Right at Home.


317 4 Street South, Lethbridge


Rule Your Customer Retention Programs

To “Rule” or be the “Fool” of Customer Retention

You Offer Customer Retention Programs;  Awesome loyalty programs where customers receive a Free Product when they reach a set target using a punch card or maybe cash certificates for future discounts like “In Store Monopoly Money”, the coveted Gift Certificate and of course the Points that are in a Point of Sale computer; completely oblivious to the customer. Customers leave with a smile, and of course it is a sure bet they will be back to redeem the rewards and you will shatter next months revenue goals. What an amazing feeling! ….. Right? After all, A successful program can boost profit by 95% with minimal new customers!

Now the real question;  Do you track these cards and what is the breakage?  Who are your Customers?  How long does it take you to reconcile your rewards? ARE YOUR CERTIFICATES AND CARDS ACTUALLY ONES YOU GAVE, or did someone get clever with a printer and you unknowingly were just robbed?

The questions aren’t asked to scare you or rain distrust on customers, but fact is many businesses have no idea what detriments their loyalty and gift certificate programs are having on their bottom line.  Cardlis will take you through a few considerations and Calculations Every New or Experienced Business needs to review when offering customer retention programs.

What is Your Card Breakage & What is it costing you?

Breakage is a percentage rate comparing Cards, Points and Value given vs the amount never redeemed through return purchases.

customer retention program myth breakage calc

Breakage is Extremely Important to your bottom line and contrary to belief, a high breakage rate IS NOT what you want.  When it comes to customer engagement, a high breakage rate means that customers aren’t motivated to spend the rewards they’ve earned as a member of your program.  This in turn means they’re unmotivated to earn more points in the future, which is very bad for your store’s bottom line.  With customers disinterested in both earning and spending reward points, your store is left open to the Competition, putting your Customer Retention hopes on the ropes. Truth is, lost cards and high breakage drops customer Engagement by over 67% while Doubling customer turnover (a customer leaves rather then supporting you for Years)…   The best way to fix a high breakage rate is to have a means of recording Every Point Given and reconciling with Every Point Redeemed, Review customer information and reach out to them periodically to keep in touch with new happenings in your store! Let customers know they have a value in your location.  It may cost you 2% of your margin to reward customers…. But consider the costs of customers not returning at all.

Example:  Say you offer a punch card OR a computer based point system that customers can lose or forget. Now assume you may fall into 1/2 the stated 67% engagement drop (mentioned above), Profit Margin on a product is only 15% (on a $10 purchase) and a customer must come 9 times to get the 10th purchase free. Customer Fills 3 cards/year for 5 years (length of time a customer supports a business on average *Stats Canada)

By having 33.5% of the customers come to the store 5 times then never come back, you will lose $45.00 / Customer!

  • Non Engaged Customers Spend $50 and leave = $7.50 …… $7.50 profit once, then you need to find another customer
  • Engaged Customers spend $90 but receive a $10 item free = $13.5 – $10 = $3.50 profit BUT in 5 years will provide $52.50 Profit

As Shown a Customer that Uses a Full Card and is engaged will provide HUGE profits for your Business! Keep customers coming, after all you have $45.00 to invest back 

Gift Certificates are Crucial to a Businesses Success!

Gift Cards are gifts for more then the people receiving them as a gift; Gift Cards are a Major Gift to the Business Selling them!

Consider this.  Gift Cards are sold as a “cash” transfer, meaning someone has just prepaid for items that you have not sold.. WHAT! I know that part was common sense! But in all reality it is a magnificent gift to Businesses!  Instead of a rant on the HUGE benefits, I have listed the points below:

  1. Cash in your pocket to pay down debt or invest
  2. Cards sold under $50 often return 63% more then Face value
  3. Cards sold Over $50 often return 35% more then Face Value
  4.  50% of Gift Card recipients are New Customers!  This means you may have landed a new Loyal Customer!

Long story short – for Every 2 customers that receive a $25 gift Card. One could become a loyal customer (Use the previous loyalty example) and both will most likely over spend by 35%.  That returns $67.50 in Revenue ($50 x 1.35 = $67.50)  PLUS a possible $52.50 profit from a new loyal customer!  WHAT A GIFT FOR BUSINESS! $50 turned into over $100 in increased Revenue!

Who are your Customers?

I bet you can name your top 10 best customers, maybe recognize the top 20 in pictures.. You know the customers that have the “Large/Memorable Purchases” 3-4 times a year; But how about your real bread and butter, the people that come in multiple times a month and keep the lights on?  It is imperative that a business giving any sort of reward also learns the customer they are rewarding.  Through time learn where customers come from, their gender and age and how often they shop with you!  Information is power, and after all you are paying for it with retention programs!

Engage your customers by extending birthday wishes, invitation emails to special events and of course a quick “Hi” to those who have not been in the store lately!

Are your programs “Fool Proof”? Or have you been Fooled?

When you sit down to view your program success are you just looking at the amount of tickets or points redeemed? Or do you have a method to see Every Card, Every Outstanding Balance and Every Reward or Gift Card used?
Customer Retention is great, as long as you are rewarding legit customers and not customers that are cheating life by photo-shopping their way into savings and theft using fake gift certificates. Unfortunately almost 20% of businesses realize fraud every year!

It’s hard to tell but this Card has 4 Fake holes in it.  That is 4 Lost Sales but still a Free Coffee!

Reconciliation is a very time consuming and costly process so understandably is something very often omitted from management practices; So How do you offer Efficient, Safe, Affordable and Engaging programs that benefit you and your customers?

Meet Cardlis.
Loyalty & Gift Programs – For Locals, By Locals

Cardlis is a small business loyalty and gift card platform that provides Effective and Affordable retention programs; offering reporting and a continual growth of customer and program knowledge.  Most importantly, Cardlis keeps customers Engaged and informed with their programs and can be accessed by any iOS, Android or Computer!  Businesses do not need to purchase any additional hardware as they can control all programs from a tablet or smart phone!

The Cardlis Community offers a One of a Kind local perk that adds additional revenue and customer streams for all local Cardlis Partners with Cardlis Cash!  Cardlis matches every point that a customer is rewarded with Cardlis Cash Credits that allows them to be rewarded in store & Buy a subsidized Gift Card in any Participating store!  Think of it as offering customers 2x the points every day and as a Small business network becoming more competitive then many of the larger retailer programs!



Introducing Boo-Too Rewards!

BOO-TOO SPIRITS is now on Cardlis!
Rewarding Great Local Customers!

Download the Cardlis APP or go to www.Cardlis.com, Create your Account Profile on Cardlis

A) Select the “Boo-Too Rewards” Card

B) JOIN to become a new member.

C) EARN 50 FREE POINTS TO START YOUR Boo-Too Rewards and keep up with your Balances!

Look For Product Updates and In-Store Notifications from Boo-Too Spirits available within the Card details on your Phone or Signup Online to keep track of your purchases!

Stay Posted for “Gift Cards” and use your Hard Earned Community Cash!

Proudly Supporting Shaughnessey & Highway 25!

Local Shopping Starts With Your Business!



 The Christmas shopping season is here, and this year (like every year) you have the store furnace turned up; anxiously waiting for the front doors to swing open and stay open as the next shopper gazes on your awesome inventory! The sad truth is as the hours pass you start to get a bit sweaty, and it’s not only from the heat. How are you going to pay that next heating bill?

What can you do to compete with the impossible pricing of a National Chain, and how can they afford to offer rewards up to 5% AND the prices are already discounted? Do your customers know how much chasing a discount at a retail chain directly affects your community?


Here are a couple facts from North American studies* regarding the major differences on community economics when a National Chain is competing for business.

  1. Local Businesses Generate 70% more Economic Activity than a Box Retailer.
  2. 3.5 Times More Wealth is Generated for the Local Economy when Money is Spent in a Local Business
  3. Local Businesses Produce a NET ANNUAL RETURN of $326/ 1,000 sq ft of Retail Space in their Community.
    1. National Chains Generate a NET DEFICIT of $468 / 1,000 sq ft of Retail Space in the same Community.
  4. 98.2% of Employment is directly tied to Small/Local Business
  5. If Canadian Families spent $10/month in a Local Store rather then a National Chain, We would infuse an extra $1 Billion Dollars into the Local Economy!
* ( BDC Canada, Stats Canada, andersonvillestudy.com, huffingtonpost.com, entrepeneur.com)


When Economies of Scale Don’t Favor Your Small Business, Use What the Chains Will Never Have; A Personable Relationship with Great Customer Service and a Welcome Mat that Truly makes Customers Feel At Home!
Then Play Ball by Offering Programs that Tug on the Heart Strings of Money Savvy Shoppers



(The answer is below if you want to skip over what you’re missing!)

Lets do the Quick Math on the following 3 Major Facts and Assume an Average Purchase in Your Store is $25, Every Customer visits 4 times/year, and the Customer Visits your store Loyally for 10 years.

  1. Loyal Customers Visit 90% More Often and Spend 63% More/Visit
    • That means for Every 1 Visit From a NEW Customer, A Loyal Customer has spent $4.93 More (19.7% more per visit!). That alone warrants a great Loyalty Perk!
  2. It is 7x More Cost Effective to Keep a Current Customer than to Find New Ones (BDC Canada suggests Admin & Advertising costs average 6.3% of revenue)
    • That means for every $25 spent, a Current Loyal customer saves you $11.03 in Advertising for a New Customer.
    • The Customer Lifetime Value of a Customer for 10 years is $1000 ($25 * 4 visits/yr * 10 years). It would mean in 10 Years your Loyal Customer costs you 1.1% of net sales to acquire. Compare that to 44% if they only came once!
  3. Loyal Customers are 9 Times more Likely to Recommend your Store
    • This Calculation is EASY, a Happy Customer will Advertise for you! Even if the new customer only came once, your Loyalty program just saved you $11.03 in Advertising or 44% of the $25 purchase!

With The Math Complete: A Loyal Customer Starts by Spending 19.7% More & Saves you up to an Additional 44% of a Single Sale!  If you Reward Customers with a 3% Discount over 10 years, It will cost you $35.91 BUT YOU MAKE AN ADDITIONAL $197.20 ON SALES ALONE! THATS A 550% RETURN! Not to mention saving Hundreds on Advertising to get the same sale!



    • How many small business opportunities come your way that Pay Cash up front for your Business to Re-Invest without breaking a sweat? Gift Cards ensure the money goes back into your Business with no Physical Work required!
  2. Gift Cards Are Overspent By over 33% on Average!
    • Not only do Gift Cards offer Cash to re-invest, They can also earn a business over 33% more then Face Value when the Certificate is Realized!
    • Since new rules were launched in 2007 around gift card expiry dates; Breakage (card balance not used) has dropped to under 2%.  GET THOSE CARDS SPENT AND CUSTOMERS IN YOUR STORE!
  3. Over 50% of Gift Card recipients are New Customers!  Remember the Loyalty Calculations above?
    • These new customers are a Gift For Your Business, and a unique opportunity to show the personable side of shopping in your store!

Offer Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards & COMMUNITY CASH!

Great Businesses Reward Loyal Customers, Making Strong Communities That Are Supported By Local Shopping!

Community Cash takes Customer Loyalty One Step Farther. Now you can Safely Create, Offer, Manage and Engage Loyal Customers while Rewarding Shoppers that Support Local Stores!

Manage Any Program with an Android or iOS Tablet and Smartphone OR Integrate Cardlis directly into your Point of Sale!

  • Question – How do I Get Involved with Community Cash?
    • If you Offer a Loyalty Card on Cardlis then you are supporting Community Cash & Additional Incentives for Customers to Shop Local!
  • Setup a Gift Card for sale on Cardlis! Now Local shoppers can Spend Community Cash in Your Store!
  • Community Cash matches points from ANY point program 1:1 & rewards 20 points for a”unit” program.
  • Community Cash is automatically calculated for customers and shown as a $ value on the Customer Home Screen
  • $1.00 Cash Credit is given for every 1000 Points earned at Local Cardlis Stores
  • Gift Cards Purchased are paid by Customer & Cardlis.  Cardlis Cash balances used during a purchase are settled by Cardlis and deposited in Your Bank Account by Stripe Payments at the same time the Customer Purchase is Processed, meaning that it DOES NOT COST THE BUSINESS ANYTHING EXTRA!



Local Business Stats and Figures discovered at:
* BDC Canada, Stats Canada, andersonvillestudy.com, huffingtonpost.com, entrepeneur.com)
CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is a Calculation of NET PROFIT and not Sales.  The examples are theoretical for argument purposes and should be calculated on an individual basis.