Let us show you the Minimum Immediate Savings that Cardlis can Provide!
Starting by Eliminating Manual Certificate/POS Account creation and High Cost Plastic Cards!

We have used average initial costs to produce the Card/Certificate including labor Inputs – these are MINIMUM Savings you could see on the Cardlis Platform. The estimates represent about 35% of your potential savings and are generated solely on Labor & Inventory estimates!


 Benefits of Virtually eliminating customer inquiries that tie up valuable resources at checkout, Gathering customer contact information and the large time and financial requirement/detriments of scammed certificates & Huge Upside Potential of Community Cash HAVE NOT been taken into consideration!
Cardlis Increases daily efficiency’s and offers Free & Paid Advertising to Customers from a program card or Platform wide!  All while being in the hands of EVERY CUSTOMER in the Cardlis Community!

If you like what you see and would like an In Depth Review of the Full Cardlis Advantage please contact us today.  Our Founder will personally share the Vision of Blending Extreme Efficiency, Increased Customer Engagement, An Awesome user Experience and most Importantly Increasing Cash Spent in Your Store .  We Will Build Local Business Together!