Cardlis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Q) Do I need to fill out my Account Profile?

No.  You can search for Retail Cards and add your own without a completed account. A completed Account Profile is only necessary to join Loyalty programs where a Retailer requires your Name or Mailing Address.  Normally you would provide this information in the store; Cardlis provides the ease of Automatic Loyalty enrollment so you don’t have to spend time in store to fill out a form!

Q) Why Does Cardlis Ask for Mailing Address, Age and Phone Number to complete Account

Cardlis asks for basic Demographic Information so we can automatically sign you up for your desired programs within the Cardlis Community and provide them with information they need to build an In-Store customer account for you!  Some businesses (Example: A Liquor Store) are required by law to make sure customers are of Legal age to participate in any Loyalty Program. ACCOUNT INFORMATION IS ONLY SHARED WITH RETAILERS OR BUSINESSES YOU HOLD CARDS WITH. Cardlis never collects or shares information stored on your phone and we never will.

Gift Card Purchases – Cardlis uses this account information in accordance with Stripe Payments to verify that payment information belongs to the account holder and provide additional information in the case of a Stripe inquiry

If for any reason you would not like to provide account information to a Retailer or Business, then please contact Cardlis at OR navigate to the Setting Tab in the Cardlis APP and disable Sharing.

Q) Is My Account/Profile Information Safe?

Yes, Absolutely!  Cardlis Meets, maintains and often exceeds PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards that are required by the leading International credit lenders such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Banking authorities used in protecting your Private and Financial information.  Cardlis is Unique as we Value All Customer information and handle it as we would expect our own Personal information to be handled.  ALL Merchants/Retailers are required to agree to our Privacy and Terms of Use Policies Before and during any audit of Demographic information!

Q) How do I add a Personal Card from my collection.

1) From within the APP, select the “Home” screen

2) Select the “+” button from the Top Right Corner of the screen

3) Enter any details you have about your Card;

Mandatory entries are

  •  Card Name
  • Card Category
  • Bar-code, QR, PDF417 or scannable code (If no code is present you can manually enter the card number in Card number
  • A picture of your Card for easy Identification from your Card List

All other information is for your own records and is not required for card creation.  If a card you are trying to enter is already on the Platform, the Card Name or Brand Name may allow for a drop down selection that will auto-fill a Card image and company details!

Q) Why wont a Retailer accept a Card I manually added?

A Local Merchant or Retailer is not required to accept a Digit copy of their Program Card if they are not a member of the Cardlis Community or they may simply not have the hardware available to scan your Digital image. They should however have no issues with manually entering the Card or Program identification number if you provide them with that alternative as this is most likely their current measure of acceptance.

Q) Local Merchants / Location Services: Why am I asked to have Location Services on?

Cardlis is built to increase connections between Merchant/Retailers and Customers.  Location Services enables Cardlis to match local Promotions and Gift/Loyalty Cards to potential Customers nearby.  In the Case a Cardlis user opts out of enabling Location Services or Location services are not turned on, We use the available address from the User Profile for a location base.  If no address is available, Cardlis will show Businesses and Promotions in alphabetical order.