Rule Your Customer Retention Programs

To “Rule” or be the “Fool” of Customer Retention

You Offer Customer Retention Programs;  Awesome loyalty programs where customers receive a Free Product when they reach a set target using a punch card or maybe cash certificates for future discounts like “In Store Monopoly Money”, the coveted Gift Certificate and of course the Points that are in a Point of Sale computer; completely oblivious to the customer. Customers leave with a smile, and of course it is a sure bet they will be back to redeem the rewards and you will shatter next months revenue goals. What an amazing feeling! ….. Right? After all, A successful program can boost profit by 95% with minimal new customers!

Now the real question;  Do you track these cards and what is the breakage?  Who are your Customers?  How long does it take you to reconcile your rewards? ARE YOUR CERTIFICATES AND CARDS ACTUALLY ONES YOU GAVE, or did someone get clever with a printer and you unknowingly were just robbed?

The questions aren’t asked to scare you or rain distrust on customers, but fact is many businesses have no idea what detriments their loyalty and gift certificate programs are having on their bottom line.  Cardlis will take you through a few considerations and Calculations Every New or Experienced Business needs to review when offering customer retention programs.

What is Your Card Breakage & What is it costing you?

Breakage is a percentage rate comparing Cards, Points and Value given vs the amount never redeemed through return purchases.

customer retention program myth breakage calc

Breakage is Extremely Important to your bottom line and contrary to belief, a high breakage rate IS NOT what you want.  When it comes to customer engagement, a high breakage rate means that customers aren’t motivated to spend the rewards they’ve earned as a member of your program.  This in turn means they’re unmotivated to earn more points in the future, which is very bad for your store’s bottom line.  With customers disinterested in both earning and spending reward points, your store is left open to the Competition, putting your Customer Retention hopes on the ropes. Truth is, lost cards and high breakage drops customer Engagement by over 67% while Doubling customer turnover (a customer leaves rather then supporting you for Years)…   The best way to fix a high breakage rate is to have a means of recording Every Point Given and reconciling with Every Point Redeemed, Review customer information and reach out to them periodically to keep in touch with new happenings in your store! Let customers know they have a value in your location.  It may cost you 2% of your margin to reward customers…. But consider the costs of customers not returning at all.

Example:  Say you offer a punch card OR a computer based point system that customers can lose or forget. Now assume you may fall into 1/2 the stated 67% engagement drop (mentioned above), Profit Margin on a product is only 15% (on a $10 purchase) and a customer must come 9 times to get the 10th purchase free. Customer Fills 3 cards/year for 5 years (length of time a customer supports a business on average *Stats Canada)

By having 33.5% of the customers come to the store 5 times then never come back, you will lose $45.00 / Customer!

  • Non Engaged Customers Spend $50 and leave = $7.50 …… $7.50 profit once, then you need to find another customer
  • Engaged Customers spend $90 but receive a $10 item free = $13.5 – $10 = $3.50 profit BUT in 5 years will provide $52.50 Profit

As Shown a Customer that Uses a Full Card and is engaged will provide HUGE profits for your Business! Keep customers coming, after all you have $45.00 to invest back 

Gift Certificates are Crucial to a Businesses Success!

Gift Cards are gifts for more then the people receiving them as a gift; Gift Cards are a Major Gift to the Business Selling them!

Consider this.  Gift Cards are sold as a “cash” transfer, meaning someone has just prepaid for items that you have not sold.. WHAT! I know that part was common sense! But in all reality it is a magnificent gift to Businesses!  Instead of a rant on the HUGE benefits, I have listed the points below:

  1. Cash in your pocket to pay down debt or invest
  2. Cards sold under $50 often return 63% more then Face value
  3. Cards sold Over $50 often return 35% more then Face Value
  4.  50% of Gift Card recipients are New Customers!  This means you may have landed a new Loyal Customer!

Long story short – for Every 2 customers that receive a $25 gift Card. One could become a loyal customer (Use the previous loyalty example) and both will most likely over spend by 35%.  That returns $67.50 in Revenue ($50 x 1.35 = $67.50)  PLUS a possible $52.50 profit from a new loyal customer!  WHAT A GIFT FOR BUSINESS! $50 turned into over $100 in increased Revenue!

Who are your Customers?

I bet you can name your top 10 best customers, maybe recognize the top 20 in pictures.. You know the customers that have the “Large/Memorable Purchases” 3-4 times a year; But how about your real bread and butter, the people that come in multiple times a month and keep the lights on?  It is imperative that a business giving any sort of reward also learns the customer they are rewarding.  Through time learn where customers come from, their gender and age and how often they shop with you!  Information is power, and after all you are paying for it with retention programs!

Engage your customers by extending birthday wishes, invitation emails to special events and of course a quick “Hi” to those who have not been in the store lately!

Are your programs “Fool Proof”? Or have you been Fooled?

When you sit down to view your program success are you just looking at the amount of tickets or points redeemed? Or do you have a method to see Every Card, Every Outstanding Balance and Every Reward or Gift Card used?
Customer Retention is great, as long as you are rewarding legit customers and not customers that are cheating life by photo-shopping their way into savings and theft using fake gift certificates. Unfortunately almost 20% of businesses realize fraud every year!

It’s hard to tell but this Card has 4 Fake holes in it.  That is 4 Lost Sales but still a Free Coffee!

Reconciliation is a very time consuming and costly process so understandably is something very often omitted from management practices; So How do you offer Efficient, Safe, Affordable and Engaging programs that benefit you and your customers?

Meet Cardlis.
Loyalty & Gift Programs – For Locals, By Locals

Cardlis is a small business loyalty and gift card platform that provides Effective and Affordable retention programs; offering reporting and a continual growth of customer and program knowledge.  Most importantly, Cardlis keeps customers Engaged and informed with their programs and can be accessed by any iOS, Android or Computer!  Businesses do not need to purchase any additional hardware as they can control all programs from a tablet or smart phone!

The Cardlis Community offers a One of a Kind local perk that adds additional revenue and customer streams for all local Cardlis Partners with Cardlis Cash!  Cardlis matches every point that a customer is rewarded with Cardlis Cash Credits that allows them to be rewarded in store & Buy a subsidized Gift Card in any Participating store!  Think of it as offering customers 2x the points every day and as a Small business network becoming more competitive then many of the larger retailer programs!






Your business needs a loyalty program, and its not because you need an added novelty to keep customers coming back; You need a retention program that pays dividends in customer information, customer interaction, management and yes…. Revenue!

But have you considered that the rules of customer engagement have changed in recent years with the introduction of technology and the “I Want Everything For Nothing” millennial mindset that is adopted by All Age Groups & Demographics when shopping?  This Article reflects the 5 most common MYTHS of Customer Loyalty programs and will guide you to success.

#1 – Customers Only Value Discounts – NOPE!

Saving money is a priority for most customers.  I don’t remember the last time a conversation around shopping did not involve a savings or something amazing during the days experience.  Rewards programs are super appealing to most customers and it’s not hard to see why so many customer retention programs simply offer transactional discounts.  Rewards like dollars off, percentage off, free items or even free shipping on larger items can have a significant impact on whether a customer chooses to complete a purchase at your store or not.

Extending Value with Diversified Rewards

DON’T BE FOOLED! As more and more businesses offer discounts, look for something that can give your business an edge BUT do not underestimate the power of promoting your local support and networking opportunities that major stores cannot offer.

For every customer hoping to save a few dollars on their next transaction there is an equal number looking for new and exciting ways to engage with your brand & the local network you support!  These customers want to build a genuine relationship with your store and community, the foundation of which is true customer loyalty.  After all, loyalty is an emotion – not something that can be bought – and is influenced by a complete customer experience – Have you Considered that a Local Network could start an Experience for you?

#2 – Program Breakage is Saving Money – NOT EVEN CLOSE!

As a business owner, it’s always nice to save money.  Between advertising, overhead & wage inflation it can feel like you’re constantly spending more than you’d like, making a high rewards program breakage rate so appealing.  BUT FIRST; What the heck is Breakage? Breakage is offering Punch Cards in hopes they get lost, Breakage is offering Points with unreasonable expectations, Breakage is just how it sounds…. Breaking the hearts and motivation of a customer coming to your store, you may as well have a “Just Kidding” sign on the exit.

As a number, Breakage is the percentage of Points Not Spent over Points Issued (Consider a similar theory of unused Gift Card Value). Simply Put – The amount of Points/Value that is not being spent!

customer retention program myth breakage calc

At a glance, a high breakage rate looks like great news – if customers aren’t redeeming their points, it means less financial liability for you!  However, what looks good on paper is extremely bad for the health of your program.

When it comes to customer engagement, a high breakage rate means that customers aren’t motivated to spend the rewards they’ve earned as a member of your program.  This in turn means they’re unmotivated to earn more points in the future, which is very bad for your store’s bottom line.  With customers disinterested in both earning and spending reward points, your store is left open to the Competition, putting your Customer Retention hopes on the ropes. Truth is, lost cards and high breakage drops customer Engagement by over 67% while Doubling customer turnover…

Repairing Your Program’s Breakage by Engaging Customers

Customers are only going to redeem rewards if they believe their points are valuable.  Having a large number of points means nothing unless the customer understands what they have to gain, and proper program education and promotion is a huge part of that.  Make sure your customers understand the mechanics of how to earn and spend rewards & Educating your staff so they buy into the program goals.  If its not important to you, it will not be important to your customers.

Send your Customers updates, letting them know they have a “value” residing in your store and pair it with a Sale. For many shoppers, seeing is believing, and these small nudges could be the difference between them actively engaging or passively ignoring your program.

#3 – Once a Customer is Satisfied, They’re Yours Forever. – IF ONLY….

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who has never changed their mind.  Whether it’s regarding the food they like to eat or the type of music they listen to, customers are bound to change their minds, and this “evolution of taste” can have a profound impact on your business.

As your customers’ behaviors and purchase motivations change, they’ll begin to reassess whether your brand is actually the best-suited to meet their needs.  This means it’s unlikely that none of them will start looking at your competitors, especially when a competitor includes giant retailers that offer everything in one location.  The prevalence of social media advertising only makes this more probable, as crowded news-feeds make it almost impossible for customers to ignore competitive advertising.

With a new reality on the horizon, pick a program that give your brand an advantage worth more then the discount in store.  Networking and offering bonuses in local/neighboring stores allows you to become a force to be reckoned with!

 Customer Satisfaction with Your Rewards Program

Although your program had enough appeal to entice shoppers to try your brand, assuming it will continue to keep them satisfied on its own is foolish.  The best way to keep them happy is to monitor, reassess, and update your program to improve your overall customer experience.

customer retention programs myth preserver satisfaction

This can take any number of forms, such as revamping your email marketing strategy, reorganizing your program’s structure, or improving your explainer page.  No matter how you choose to do it, actively investing in your rewards program will improve your customer experience and keep shoppers interested, keeping their eyes on your brand.


#4 – Constantly Reward your Customers – PAUSE FOR A MOMENT!

I’m not the only one that Remembers Oprah.  It was rare that the audience didn’t get a prize like a vacation, cash or car!  What if you saved money for a trip to see her show, bought tickets and ….. Nothing was given away, not even a CD.  Needless to say, you’d be pretty disappointed, and might actually tell others not to watch the show as a result of your horrible experience.

With the possibility of this bad press on the horizon, you might be tempted to run a customer retention program that makes it extremely easy for shoppers to earn rewards.  After all, more is more, and what customer has ever complained about receiving more?

The problem with this line of thinking, however, is that it grooms unprofitable customer behavior.  You are not in the business of giving money away; so be careful that your program is not to expensive to run. DO THE MATH! If your Margins are 5% don’t give away 5% to make customers happy.

Offer Less, Expect More

Most people are enrolled in 12 Loyalty Programs, so it’s important to remember that your customers understand how these systems work.  In fact, most of your customers likely expect to have to earn their rewards so don’t give that fact away!

You started a rewards program to thank your best customers for consistently choosing you over your competitors.  By making purchases with your store and sharing their experiences with their friends, they are completing profitable actions that benefit your store in both the long- and short-run.  These are the actions that allow you to define them as “best”.

In the End, your programs rewards are intended to complement and encourage visit often, spend more habits; But don’t tighten the noose to hard where a customer feels they can not meet the point redemption limits. Consider having a Point Program that allows customers to spend when they like giving them value with every visit & Offering another level of value when reached they can take Multiple $$$ off of purchases that generate revenue!  Consider Cardlis as an example; Cardlis builds a network for small business that allows the business to manage their own program, points and advertising to harness their competitive edge.  Uniquely Cardlis also matches small business points with Community Cash to be used towards discount gift cards (at no expense to the business) essentially giving customers 2X the points everyday!


# 5 – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It – THAT MY FRIENDS IS CALLED COMPLACENCY!

Launching a rewards program can be a lot of work.  However, while taking a step back after starting yours isn’t an issue, getting complacent is.  Loyalty Programs were never meant to be a build and forget method of retaining or increasing a customer base.

This means that letting your program stay stagnant simply isn’t going to cut it, and for good reason!  Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it’s the best solution, and choosing to ignore the changes around you isn’t going to solve it.  Change does not need to be drastic or time consuming, Offer short term points increases or emails to customers that maybe have not been to visit in a while.



Cardlis – For Locals, By Locals


New Year, New Opportunities for Small Business with Cardlis!


New Year, New Opportunities for Small Business with Cardlis!

It is already 3 weeks into January and I bet you cannot believe how well your New Year’s Resolution is going!  Did you make plans or have an outlook you envision for your business?  If you did, I am going to bet it revolves around Increased Revenue and increasing your Loyal Customer base…… Maybe taking a little more time for yourself …….  Hows that going?

Let Cardlis Help!

Cardlis offers more then New Years Resolution; We offer a Promise to help small business’s increase a customer loyalty base, increase revenue and to expand your local presence by offering Super Easy and Extremely Affordable Digital Gift & Loyalty Programs that keep you in the hands of your customers!

Current Cardlis Merchants have enjoyed creating their own Loyalty & Gift Programs they believe suited their customers while participating in some of the Local Cardlis Community Successes and Community Cash:

Cardlis Number in Southern Alberta Partners in the FIRST 3 WEEKS OF JANUARY:

  • Over 108,000 Points already issued to Local Customers!
    • ~ $14,400 spent in Local Cardlis Stores
    • ~ $500 in Rewards earned by Local Customers for Supporting Cardlis Community Stores
    • Community Cash Earned can generate an Extra $675+  in Revenue when it is spent on Gift Cards in the Cardlis Community!
($ values calculated on average points issued/dollar spent and redemption ratios in current stores)

If you own a Business; Contact Cardlis today and see how easy it is to offer customers Loyalty and Gift programs that increases customer retention, drives customer satisfaction and helps your brand stay in the minds of your customers!

  • View customer demographics, build ad-hock reports with our evolving query capabilities.
  • Free yourself/staff of manual account creations that can be littered with errors and an auditing nightmare
  • Loyalty and Gift Cards are 100% Digital BUT of course a PDF certificate can be printed if desired
  • Programs are completely managed by any iOS or Android Smart Phone/Tablet
  • Cardlis can Integrate with your current POS.
    • Already Available on GEM Computer Systems (Lethbridge, Alberta)
    • Cardlis is planning to be available on Shopify & Barnet POS (Surrey B.C Point of Sale Software) in February
  • Cardlis Listens! If we are missing something that will benefit Your Business & the Cardlis Community; we will work closely with your Small Business Program the best it can be!

Cardlis Applications: Loyalty & Gift Programs For Locals, By Locals!



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Great Family Businesses are Coming Together to Promote their Community and Support those who Support Local Shopping by offering a Community Rewards Program!

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All Points Earned Shopping in Big Valley also contribute to Cardlis Cash to spend Within the Cardlis Community on Gift Cards!

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Introducing Boo-Too Rewards!

BOO-TOO SPIRITS is now on Cardlis!
Rewarding Great Local Customers!

Download the Cardlis APP or go to, Create your Account Profile on Cardlis

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C) EARN 50 FREE POINTS TO START YOUR Boo-Too Rewards and keep up with your Balances!

Look For Product Updates and In-Store Notifications from Boo-Too Spirits available within the Card details on your Phone or Signup Online to keep track of your purchases!

Stay Posted for “Gift Cards” and use your Hard Earned Community Cash!

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Local Shopping Starts With Your Business!



 The Christmas shopping season is here, and this year (like every year) you have the store furnace turned up; anxiously waiting for the front doors to swing open and stay open as the next shopper gazes on your awesome inventory! The sad truth is as the hours pass you start to get a bit sweaty, and it’s not only from the heat. How are you going to pay that next heating bill?

What can you do to compete with the impossible pricing of a National Chain, and how can they afford to offer rewards up to 5% AND the prices are already discounted? Do your customers know how much chasing a discount at a retail chain directly affects your community?


Here are a couple facts from North American studies* regarding the major differences on community economics when a National Chain is competing for business.

  1. Local Businesses Generate 70% more Economic Activity than a Box Retailer.
  2. 3.5 Times More Wealth is Generated for the Local Economy when Money is Spent in a Local Business
  3. Local Businesses Produce a NET ANNUAL RETURN of $326/ 1,000 sq ft of Retail Space in their Community.
    1. National Chains Generate a NET DEFICIT of $468 / 1,000 sq ft of Retail Space in the same Community.
  4. 98.2% of Employment is directly tied to Small/Local Business
  5. If Canadian Families spent $10/month in a Local Store rather then a National Chain, We would infuse an extra $1 Billion Dollars into the Local Economy!
* ( BDC Canada, Stats Canada,,,


When Economies of Scale Don’t Favor Your Small Business, Use What the Chains Will Never Have; A Personable Relationship with Great Customer Service and a Welcome Mat that Truly makes Customers Feel At Home!
Then Play Ball by Offering Programs that Tug on the Heart Strings of Money Savvy Shoppers



(The answer is below if you want to skip over what you’re missing!)

Lets do the Quick Math on the following 3 Major Facts and Assume an Average Purchase in Your Store is $25, Every Customer visits 4 times/year, and the Customer Visits your store Loyally for 10 years.

  1. Loyal Customers Visit 90% More Often and Spend 63% More/Visit
    • That means for Every 1 Visit From a NEW Customer, A Loyal Customer has spent $4.93 More (19.7% more per visit!). That alone warrants a great Loyalty Perk!
  2. It is 7x More Cost Effective to Keep a Current Customer than to Find New Ones (BDC Canada suggests Admin & Advertising costs average 6.3% of revenue)
    • That means for every $25 spent, a Current Loyal customer saves you $11.03 in Advertising for a New Customer.
    • The Customer Lifetime Value of a Customer for 10 years is $1000 ($25 * 4 visits/yr * 10 years). It would mean in 10 Years your Loyal Customer costs you 1.1% of net sales to acquire. Compare that to 44% if they only came once!
  3. Loyal Customers are 9 Times more Likely to Recommend your Store
    • This Calculation is EASY, a Happy Customer will Advertise for you! Even if the new customer only came once, your Loyalty program just saved you $11.03 in Advertising or 44% of the $25 purchase!

With The Math Complete: A Loyal Customer Starts by Spending 19.7% More & Saves you up to an Additional 44% of a Single Sale!  If you Reward Customers with a 3% Discount over 10 years, It will cost you $35.91 BUT YOU MAKE AN ADDITIONAL $197.20 ON SALES ALONE! THATS A 550% RETURN! Not to mention saving Hundreds on Advertising to get the same sale!



    • How many small business opportunities come your way that Pay Cash up front for your Business to Re-Invest without breaking a sweat? Gift Cards ensure the money goes back into your Business with no Physical Work required!
  2. Gift Cards Are Overspent By over 33% on Average!
    • Not only do Gift Cards offer Cash to re-invest, They can also earn a business over 33% more then Face Value when the Certificate is Realized!
    • Since new rules were launched in 2007 around gift card expiry dates; Breakage (card balance not used) has dropped to under 2%.  GET THOSE CARDS SPENT AND CUSTOMERS IN YOUR STORE!
  3. Over 50% of Gift Card recipients are New Customers!  Remember the Loyalty Calculations above?
    • These new customers are a Gift For Your Business, and a unique opportunity to show the personable side of shopping in your store!

Offer Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards & COMMUNITY CASH!

Great Businesses Reward Loyal Customers, Making Strong Communities That Are Supported By Local Shopping!

Community Cash takes Customer Loyalty One Step Farther. Now you can Safely Create, Offer, Manage and Engage Loyal Customers while Rewarding Shoppers that Support Local Stores!

Manage Any Program with an Android or iOS Tablet and Smartphone OR Integrate Cardlis directly into your Point of Sale!

  • Question – How do I Get Involved with Community Cash?
    • If you Offer a Loyalty Card on Cardlis then you are supporting Community Cash & Additional Incentives for Customers to Shop Local!
  • Setup a Gift Card for sale on Cardlis! Now Local shoppers can Spend Community Cash in Your Store!
  • Community Cash matches points from ANY point program 1:1 & rewards 20 points for a”unit” program.
  • Community Cash is automatically calculated for customers and shown as a $ value on the Customer Home Screen
  • $1.00 Cash Credit is given for every 1000 Points earned at Local Cardlis Stores
  • Gift Cards Purchased are paid by Customer & Cardlis.  Cardlis Cash balances used during a purchase are settled by Cardlis and deposited in Your Bank Account by Stripe Payments at the same time the Customer Purchase is Processed, meaning that it DOES NOT COST THE BUSINESS ANYTHING EXTRA!



Local Business Stats and Figures discovered at:
* BDC Canada, Stats Canada,,,
CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is a Calculation of NET PROFIT and not Sales.  The examples are theoretical for argument purposes and should be calculated on an individual basis.

Real Fruit, Real Healthy, REAL GOOD! – Fruitas

Real Fruit, Real Healthy, Real Good!

Fruitas Offers AMAZING Real Fruit Smoothies and Freshly Squeezed Juice while Boasting Wraps, Panini’s & Dumpling Options!

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66% of Stores with Suffering Sales don’t have a Digital Loyalty Program

As a Small Business owner, it is imperative to Retain the Customers you have as attracting new customers costs nearly SEVEN TIMES the amount it does to retain an existing one. In addition, your existing customers are FOURTEEN TIMES more likely to buy from you than a new customer.

Here are the facts for ALL Dimensions of Customer Retention:

  1. 86 percent of consumers say loyalty is primarily driven by likability and 83 percent of consumers say trust. (Rare)
  2. 47 percent of customers would take their business to a competitor within a day of experiencing poor customer service. (24/7)
  3. The estimated cost of customers switching stores in North America due to poor service is $1.6 trillion/Yr. (Accenture)
  4. 27 percent of small business owners estimate that 11-20 percent of first time customers don’t return to their business (Belly)
  5. 32 percent of executives say retaining existing customers is a priority (Forbes)
  6. A 5% Increase in Customer Loyalty is directly responsible for up to a 95% increase in profit (Forbes)
  7. 66 percent of companies that saw a decrease in Customer Loyalty & up to a 20% drop in Revenue over the past year DID NOT HAVE A MOBILE LOYALTY APP! (Apptentive)

Business is a numbers game. So how do you get and keep more customers at lower costs? The trick is to focus less on advertising and more on customer retention, leveraging your existing customers to bring in new ones. Offering Loyalty or Gift programs through Mobile apps can be one of the best investments you can make when it comes to customer loyalty and retention; After-all, consumers would rather shop at a personable location owned and operated by their neighbors! Just be sure to give them every reason possible to come back through your door….. Including offering FREE* programs that rival the big store capabilities like Cardlis!

Surveys show that 73 percent of satisfied customers will recommend your service to others, and positive testimonials from existing customers are far more likely to influence people than a brand’s own marketing messaging. In other words, your existing customers are a goldmine. They require less investment, they buy more, and they bring new customers with them. With a mobile app, you can even ask for reviews from customers and what is so great about this strategy is that customers who download your app will generally write a positive review and give great testimonials since they are loyal customers.

How You Should Be Using Apps to Build Customer Loyalty

Here are a few more mobile app tips for customer retention:

Use a Mobile App That Interacts with Other Local Shops

Mobile apps flood the market today and are developed for various functions, such as entertainment, food delivery, taxi service, photo editing, learning, language translation, communication, shopping, videos, games, music, news, weather, and a lot more. Its estimated that on average users only access 9 apps from every 60 they hold on their phone! So it is imperative that your small business uses a platform that is accessed multiple times when shopping, accessing balances or viewing  in other locations so you have a much higher chance of having your programs or promotions seen!

View demographic info that helps you refine your sales and marketing efforts. And most of all, use features like push notifications, mobile newsletters and loyalty programs to keep your customer base thriving.

Adapt or Die

Don’t sit on your data — adapt and evolve according to the trends you uncover. Do you know why Richard Branson, the billionaire owner of Virgin Atlantic Inc., lost to the venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley when he tried to go head-to-head with Uber? One simple reason: Uber was backed by an algorithm, by data. Analytics turned Google from good to great and Uber from an audacious venture to the peer-driven giant in transportation. The companies introduced their service, gathered the data, then used it to refine based on customers’ needs.

Long story short, don’t fall behind your competitors when it comes to your investments in new technology such as using a mobile app for your small business. Data shows that customers want to download and use mobile apps from their favorite small businesses. Don’t ignore the data that is right in front of you!

Focus on Customer Service

Ninety-seven percent of customers see customer service as the most important factor when choosing a brand. And after signing up, customer service weighs most heavily on customer satisfaction and net promoter score — or the likelihood that they’ll recommend your brand to someone else.

A mobile app is a great way for customers to be in touch with your business 24/7. Whether that’s for general business information or to ask you a question about your business. In addition, great customer service can come as a surprise. For example, mobile apps give you the ability to offer in-app only sales and updates on events which customers really appreciate.


Cardlis Applications Solves Local Customer Programs

Cardlis is a Western Canadian Company who’s sole focus is to help small business’s retain customers and be in the hands of hundreds of potential new clients.  Cardlis offers Digital Loyalty & Gift programs that are Automatic, 100% controlled by Local business Owners and easily accessed by customers when and where they like!  Learn customer demographics, query transaction details and print reports for tax purposes. Best of all, Entry Merchant accounts are FREE and large customer management is pennies/month! Compare that to Dollars wasted on Cards and large Management labor costs!

While you Reward your Loyal Customers, Cardlis Rewards Local Shoppers with Community Cash!  Community Cash is additional points that customers receive while shopping in the Cardlis Network to be spent towards Gift Cards on the Cardlis APP.  Cardlis – “Your Return Customer Powerhouse”

Cardlis can be managed in-store with the Cardlis Merchant APP on any iOS or Android smart phone/tablet or can be integrated with Point of Sale Software! No additional hardware needed!



*Cardlis is FREE for the first 100 Loyalty Customers and additional pricing starts at $20/month and as low as 1.27 Cents/Customer. See Cardlis Pricing for more information.