About Cardlis Applications Inc.

Since inception in 2015, Cardlis Applications has developed 21st century mobile marketing techniques that are sought by the New Aged consumer and Affordable to Any Small Business.  Unveil marketing programs at the Customers finger tips; Securely and Efficiently.  Cardlis features a Merchant Platform that allows Business Owners and Managers the flexibility to create and manage Loyalty Card and Gift Card programs, and employ them through an existing Point of Sale System (POS) or through the Security of the Cardlis Merchant APP’s.   Businesses can view their evolving Customer Demographic and Market directly to the Cardlis Community.

Cardlis – Rewards For Locals, By Locals.  We Take This Very Seriously and we are Committed to Your Local Business Network!  That’s why Cardlis offers your customers added benefits to shop with You and Your Local Peers in the form of Community Cash.  Community Cash is a unique bonus for any Customer & Business that supports Local Stores; Any Points Earned in Store are matched and build build a Cash Credit that a customer can use to buy a discount Gift Card.

Cardlis Applications regards Security and Privacy at an absolute maximum and protects its integrity through all necessary means by exceeding PCI compliance requirements and encrypting all data.  Your account is SAFE!

We integrate licenced code into every virtual card created to allow flawless integration to Business’s wanting to include a Cardlis Program with their current POS, it also gives small/mid size business maximum security and management to offer any program to any customer with Fraud being virtually eliminated!

Cardlis Applications believes Local Business goes beyond your location; Local is your Connection and Support to what matters.  KEEP LOCAL WITH YOU, WHEREVER YOU ARE!





 Meet PCI Standards  Intuitive Web Platform  All Cards and Accounts are backed up by Cardlis Up To 90% Cheaper then Integrated Carded Programs
Exclusive Card Numbers Interactive Customer App Funds are Transferred Directly to Your Selected Account

Huge Relief of Employee Resources. Net Cashier Interaction is less then 15 Seconds!

Unlimited Loyalty & Gift Cards Demographic Information To Build Your Business Subscription Plans Suit Every Business Plan or Environment

Cardlis is Built for Efficiency and We Pride Ourselves on Offering a Powerhouse Product, For Locals By Locals; Keep Local With You!

Community Cash Empowers Dreams! Free Opportunity to Gain New Customers Net Returns to Business has Increased Revenue by 140%

Customers Earn Points in Your Store, For Your Store! Don’t give value away to customers that may never support you again!

Cardlis can Increase ROI (Return On Investment) by more then 300%*

* Bottom Line is based on use of Merchant APP and 3500 customers in comparison of other Gift/Loyalty programs. Integration with a POS (Point of Sale) software program and Individual Retail Practices may result in unexpected results where the Retailer may experience both positive or negative results from Cardlis Claims.